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Latest Posts
A lot of people struggling with gambling addiction and I'm one of them. The good news is that I quit many years ago and I would like to share with you ( in my opinion ) the best way to stop and recover from gambling addiction. This is basically what is my blog about - "Dealing with debts and gambling addiction"

I'm also allowing others to share their stories and experiences with all of you who follows me on here.

If you would like to publish a post on my blog, introduce yourself or with any other enquires feel free to send me an e-mail at info[at] or simply send me a message through the stop gambling facebook page
Gambling Debt
The hardest part of my gambling recovery was going through my never ending debts, interest fees and people trying to get their money back from me.

If you lost your family, a lot of money or faith, this website should be a great place to start your gambling recovery.

I believe it's very important to understand gambling addiction, but without a doubt - dealing with gambling debt will play important role in gambling recovery.