10 reasons why you have been gambling and couldn’t stop.

Everyone knows how bad is gambling, but not everyone know how to stop it.

I don’t think that is possible to convince addicted to quit gambling, as they have to realize the problem themselves. However, I’m sure that we can help them to realize that they have a problem and that’s why here is 10 reasons why you have been gambling and why stopping gambling was so hard!




Let’s start with the most obvious cause. However, I have to upset you. Each gambling game has been designed to make sure the owner of the game is the WINNER  – and not you. If you win once – that’s great, you did. But over time, you will lose everything you’ve got and much more.

The less money we have  the more we love them. Gambling won’t make you rich.

Another reason may sound familiar to you. Have you ever tried winning your money back?


Want to make up your loses? Gambling is the worst way. Remember: the more you play the more you lose !

Simple as that. I remember when I was winning 3-5k a night.  Everytime I managed to stop playing and go to bed, I promised myself that I won’t be gambling the next day.

Of course I was gambling the next day! Everytime I lost everything I won the night before, I wanted to win my money back. It never worked, and you know this..

At casino or at home..having a pint of beer or a glass of whisky and playing your favourite slot machine or a poker game. Chillin’ right? Not really, alcohol is another reason on my list  why I was gambling.



This is the most common reason why we’re losing huge amounts of money. Alcohol makes you stupid, it makes you believe that this will happen today! You win a large sum and while expecting a happy draw you losing everything you have.

This is not a guide on how to quit alcohol, but remember that alcohol won’t improve your chances of winning!

There are other substances that we like to use while gambling. I used them too and highly don’t recommend them! – another reason from my list.


Maybe they will change the way you look at the slot machine , but they won’t change the algorithm of winnings and remember about the same as in the case of alcohol.

This is the only case where weed should be banned. I didn’t take any hard drugs while gambling, but trust me that smoking weed also won’t improve your chances of winning.

6 reasons to go! Before I move to another step I gotta tell you something.

I had a chat with my wife this morning on how to quit gambling. She knows I stopped, but I asked her if she knows why I managed to stopped when many others fail. and carry on gambling all their lifes. She said that I’m still addicted and I’m still a gambler ( I agree ) but I stopped because I found something else I love to do and I’m fully dedicated to that.

It’s true, you know. I have addictive personality, but I found something that doesn’t harm my family and me.

Ok, let’s move on.. have you been gambling on huger?


Gambling addiction is not much different to other addictions.

You must face the problem and learn how to live with it. Just remember that the joy of quitting gambling is much stronger than the hunger. Don’t give up!

It is hard, especially at the beginning, but the further you get the more you don’t want to come back to that rubbish life you lived in.

My favourite reason is coming..


Anger, Problems
Anger, Problems

Your girlfriend / wife pissed you off?  Quarrel at work or at home? Casino is a place where you feel seemingly well?  Time to change. Escaping will not solve your problem. Not only that,  casino can cause bigger problems and bigger debt!

Want to gamble in peace without disruptions? No problem. There is always a good reason to start argue..


You know that feeling when you start dreaming of big wins that can help you solve all the problems? You going to the casino and losing everything. Stop dreaming! Go to work and earn for your dreams!

I had a friend who won jackpot a couple of times. Once he even paid off all my debt when I was at the beginning of my adventure to losing everything  I had.

I always thought he’s the lucky one, but he’s is still gambling until today, with over 150k debts…


People are winning. Of course, but when someone tells you about his big win, ask him how much he lost. It will be the end of it a big win.


Do not lie to yourself and others that are just fun when it comes to your money, or worse, your family. As a gambler you do not play for fun, you know this very well so don’t cheat yourself!



The dumbest excuse for wasting money. If you do not have other things to do and you gambling because you’re bored, time to reflect on your life and entertainment possibilities. It’s a good time, now when you stop playing you will have more money for other entertainment.

Thanks for reading all the 10 reasons  why I was gambling and couldn’t stop.

Thank You!!

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