32Red Casino – “We work hard to ensure are players are responsible… “

Couple of weeks ago when I opened my Facebook account I got so bloody angry! Right on top of my Facebook page Sponsored link appeared – 32 Red Casino – Deposit £32 and get £32 FREE !

We all know 32Red and I’m sure that most of you lost there thousands of pounds.I have, anyway, when I saw this advert I decided to make a little mess on their Facebook page and keep their page Admin busy for a while. He kept deleting my posts, many people joined my conversation and then I felt like I’m doing something about it, about gambling problem, ..not just paying off my debt.

I have few screenshots for you guys. Unfortunatelly I’ve missed the first ones..



My first post was deleted straight away when I mentioned responsible gambling and gambling addiction..



I was getting very angry as he was deleting all the posts, so many people joined the conversation.


I didn’t mean it what i’ve said to admin. I don’t wish gambling addiction to anyone! Sometimes you get to the point where you use any ” weapon” to make people think, even for a couple of seconds..


Finally all my posts has been deleted.

At the moment I’m preparing a “Nasty Ads” Campaign .

As some of you already know, Casino Ads are pay per click advertisments. Every click on Casino Ad is being paid by Casino ( to Facebook, Googler, Yahoo etc. )

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