Are you more prone to addiction than others?

You want to quit gambling addiction , but you’re not able to?

You might want to read this post, because I’m a recovering addict who broke addictions to cocaine, alcohol, cigarettes, weed and of course gambling.  I’ve been sober for nearly 10 years and you might want to listen to my advice. The goal of this article is to train your brain to become addiction free.

Before we get into the steps of how to break your addiction you have to know couple of things about gambling addiction. Of course it doesn’t include the physical addiction to gambling, but it comes from your brain. Remember that your brain is addicted to gambling and you should know that there is a chemical called dopamine which is released every time you accomplish something in your life. Dopamine gives you this satisfaction, feeling that you get when you gamble, so whenever you achieve any kind of goal you get this chemical released in your brain and that gives you pleasure.

This can be ok for many people, but for you as an addict type of personality it can be extremely dangerous, because you will try to chase this feeling all your life from different kind of sources. It can be shopping, smoking, drinking and many other addictions. To find out if you’re an addict type of person make this simple test and start eating your most favourite chocolate and try only one small bite. Can you stop there?

If you can’t and you have to eat as much as possible then you are addictive type of person. 

How to start breaking your gambling addiction habits.

Just like with all the other addictions the first step is to admit that you are a gambling addict, or an addict in general. Admitting this is the number one step for all the addictions and gambling is no different in this situation. 

Step number two is so-called cognitive behavioral therapy  which will help you to identify your triggers. How it works?

cognitive behavioral therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the concept of five areas being interconnected and affecting each other.

  • situations
  • thoughts
  • emotions
  • physical feelings
  • actions

How to identify what is triggering your addiction.

For example, your thoughts about a certain situation can often affect how you feel both physically and emotionally, as well as how you act in response. When you see a trigger it affects your thoughts, your thoughts affect your emotions and your emotions affects your behavior and you take an action. So, your step number two is identifying what’s your triggers are and knowing that cognitive behavior can be reversed. and this is something you need to start working on.

Going to the gym is best example of where reversed cognitive behavior takes a place. Most of the time you don’t feel like going to the gym, but you take action and push yourself to go. When you walk into the gym, once you’re there you start feeling pumped and this makes you want to train, so it affects your feeling and the feeling affects your thoughts and then you’re feeling great about yourself and you know that pushing yourself to go to the gym was a great decision.

Educate yourself

You have already admitted that you’re a gambler, so start educating yourself on the subject of addiction in general and especially about gambling addiction. 

Start watching videos about gambling addiction, reading books and other people stories ( here are some example of books that I think might be useful for you if you seriously want to quit gambling ). Educating yourself and training your brain is they key for quitting addiction, so it’s very important to know a lot about this subject to take control over yourself and become successful. 

The right environment.

Environment that you’re in now affects the decisions you make in your life. People that you surround yourself with will affect your life, affect your thoughts, emotions and most importantly affect your behaviors, so make sure that you are in the right environment. 

It’s not always possible, but you should stay away from people who cause stress in your life, people who negatively affect your life in any way. Keep in mind that they have huge effect on your addiction, so if you take quitting gambling seriously you have to change people around you. Don’t blame on those people for your gambling problem, but remember that changing the environment will make recovery process easier. 

Support groups. Gamblers Anonymous Meetings.

Meeting people with similar problems who share their experiences will make your recovery easier and will give you hope.  This way you will gain more knowledge from perspective of other people and you will see that you’re not the only one with gambling problem. 

There are people like you who already broke gambling addiction, including me, but it’s very important to meet them in person and ask questions yourself. 

Relapse is part of recovery.

You followed all the steps and you relapsed. Don’t worry. Relapse is part of recovery and nobody ever succeeded in life trying only ones.

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