How to beat a gambling addiction.

Steven J Lynch – spiritual coach who had a gambling addiction for 42 years. He published a very popular video on youtube on 16 Nov 2013 and reached out to over 80,000 people who were looking for help to overcome their addiction.

Steve’s Gambling Story

Over 20 years ago Steve decided to stop gambling and stop all of his addictions. He discovered that all the addictions: gambling, drug addiction, alcohol addiction come from one area of life – Negative Anger.

In this video Steve talks about the psychology of gambling addiction and explains how your brain works. He also mentions the power of meditation which I also believe is really important. ( related post – Gambling Addiction – Can Self-Hypnosis Really Help?)

Steve is a founder of Get Calm and he’s offering coaching sessions that can help guide you to the understanding and managing of the anger that is in your choices and decision, of everyday life.

Watch this video here:

Steven wrote 1 basic program, 3 novels which include an autobiography, a self help book that targets the Mind, Body and Soul and a basic book on Law of Attraction, he also studied an Anger Management certificate, and a Life Coaching diploma.

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