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Pay Off Your Gambling Debt with me #1

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You have gambled all your money, right?

You already borrowed money from everyone you know, no one trust you anymore. Your creditors are calling you ten times a day. And you’re still dreaming of this lucky spin or a winning bet.

You’re living under permanent stress and you think that there is no way out of this situation. Your family is falling apart, your phone has been cut off, ..another direct debit payment has failed..

You don’t drive your car anymore, do you?

Oh, you do? Come on, we both know that you’re taking a big risk driving uninsured and untaxed vehicle and you can only make things worse for yourself and your family by doing so.

Some facts

According to gambling commision, new research shows almost half of people in Britain gamble. 48% of respondents have gambled in the past four weeks (a 3% increase on 2015), this figure drops to 33% when you exclude those that have only played the National Lottery

Let me tell you something. Gambling debts really suck.

What is Gambling Debt

Gambling debts fall into completely different debt categories. I’ll give you an example:

You have this girlfriend who you really really love, but one day you found out that she is cheating on you. Bad, isn’t it?

No, not really. This is just a “debt”

The worst – gambling debt is just about to come.

Imagine that you caught your partner having sex with a guy who he turned out to be your father – This is gambling debt!

Unfortunately, gambling debt is just as bad.

In 2008, at the age of 28, I ended up with almost £50k debt. I gambled all my money, my wife’s money, our savings, rent money and even food money. I got to the point where I thought there is no way out. A couple of months after my “coming out”, my wife finally decided to move out abroad and start living with her parents. I don’t even remember this moment very well. All I recall is that she took our 9 months old son with her. I hated myself so badly.

Now, things have changed.

I paid off all my gambling debt in under five years. I’m gambling free since and debt-free for about 4 years now. I created this website when I started my recovery – it helped me a lot, but only now I realised the real purpose of this site. This is the first post in the series, “Pay off your gambling debt with me”. I will tell you exactly how I managed to pay off nearly £10,000 debt a year. I will show you how I earned this money, step by step with no bullshit, so you can do it too.

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2 Responses to "Pay Off Your Gambling Debt with me #1"
  1. Yes. Gambling is a big issue to me now. I have attempted suicide due to this . I am currently in a debt of more than £60 ,000 .just recently I lost my job, friends . And it seems as living impossible life. Please I urgently need your advice and assistance

    • Hi Thompson. I’m sorry to hear about your bad financial situation and suicide attempt.

      As soon as you accept what’s happened, you will have to start working hard, very hard ( on yourself and your finances), day and night. Here, on this blog, I’m sharing my methods and my ways of paying off £50 000 gambling debt. Everyone’s situation is different and we all have different skills and opportunities, so some of us can pay off gambling debt faster than the others, but this isn’t the most important. The point of “Paying off your gambling debt with me” series is that I was in the situation where I thought there was no way out and I managed to turn the things around and live a happy life only a few years later, debt free.

      I’ll be very happy if you follow my advice and try to use the tools I used to pay off my gambling debt, but maybe there are things that didn’t work for me, but might be working well for you in your current situation. I’ll be realising part #3 next week which will include some specific tools that I used to make additional few thousand pounds income a year. Stay tuned and make sure to subscribe!

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