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debt collectors your rights

What debt collectors can do ?

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Your rights

Creditors are entitled to contact you to collect unpaid debts. They can contact you by letter, phone call or home visit.

But they have to act within the law and obey a number of rules that are set down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Unfair debt collection

The FCA have set out rules on what they consider to be unfair debt collection practices. These include:

  • Calling you at work without permission
  • Discussing your debts with an employer or family member
  • Refusing to deal with advice agencies like us
  • Pressuring you to borrow more money to pay off debts
  • Pretending to have legal powers they do not have
  • Adding unreasonable charges
  • Continuing to contact you when the debt is being disputed

If a creditor repeatedly fails to follow these rules, the FCA can issue a warning, impose a fine or withdraw their credit licence.

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