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    I have direct debit set up with Apex debt collector,paying regulary for over 3 years and they review my account every 6 months asking for all the details which I’m not sure they have rights to ask me.

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    Stop Gambling

    From what you say I understand that you have a debt being collected by Apex Credit Managment and you have a repayment plan in place which Apex review every six months to clear the loan. You would like to know if you are obligated to provide Apex with you and your partners income and expenditure details every time they carry out a review.

    You are obligated to supply Apex with your income and expenditure details to evidence your actual income and monthly expenditure in order that they can confirm that the current payment plan is the most that you can afford to offer. If you don’t comply with Apex request for your financial details they could take Legal action against you in the County Court to obtain your financial details.

    Please see the information on the following link: How to deal with debt collectors :

    as well as: Creditor takes you to Court for Debt: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/debt_e/debt_action_your_creditor_can_take_e/creditor_takes_you_to_court_for_debt.htm

    I hope the above information answers your question


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