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    I was married in Las Vegas. Soon multiple casinos nearby. My husband and I went frequently and all was fun for quite sometime. Soon debt piled up and he quit but still plays in poker tournaments. He replaced gambling with bowling with buddies, trivia with buddies. Said I could go but not interested in hanging with just guys. He stopped funding my gambling. Now I have accumulated my own debt. I have hired debt consolidation and got credit card debts settled before. Same with payday loans. Yet here I am once again in credit card debt. Can’t tell husband he will bitch at me, maybe divorce me so I’m doing my best to take care of it myself. I go to casino and spend my paycheck mostly. Even if I win, I lose that and more. Seems like I would learn. Why do I continue? I know it’s stupid. I am depressed, suicidal, and I feel like I have no husband. Been to counseling before and it seemed stupid to watch movies about gambling I already knew. Gamblers meeting once that consisted of 4 people not helpful. My next move is going to church. I’m afraid that if I continue I will commit suicide. I feel no affection from husband, mother in her last days, my credit rating not good, nothing excites me it seems. Help!

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    Stop Gambling

    Thanks for posting on forum Mary and welcome here!

    “Can’t tell husband he will bitch at me, maybe divorce me so I’m doing my best to take care of it myself.”

    I understand your fear of telling your husband about your debt and gambling problem. It will be hard but you can not go through this by yourself. It’s will be too much for you and I’m affraid you’ll carry on gambling until you get to the point when you’ll do something very stupid. The sooner he knows the better for both of you. I had to make this decision as well. I told my wife about my problem when our son was 9 months old, I was £50k in debt and had no money for rent, food, petrol to work, simply I was totaly broke and there was no one who could trust me enough to lend me money. That was extremely hard teling my wife about it and that’s why I think I understand what you are feeling right now. But it will get better and better, no doubt.

    “The last chapter to your life hasn’t been written yet, and it doesn’t matter about what happened yesterday and it doesn’t matter about what happened to you, what matter is : “what are you going to do about?”

    Great motivational video, please watch

    Keep us updated

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