The fact that compulsive gambling is an illness, we know not from today. If, however, unfortunately this type of disease will come after us, we should know what to do in this situation. Of course not everyone addicted to gambling realizes that he is enslaved, but this is the first step in the fight against addiction.

You have to realize that gambling will control you and you are addicted to it.You have to face and recognize problem yourself and the matter of it. Really nothing would help but the realization of that basic true.

If you realize yourself of this fact you must know that this is a very good foundation to take the first steps in treatment. Of course there are many treatments for problem gamblers, so as you have choose one of them, begin to attend to it.These therapies often rely on the award in front of others to the fact that you it is proverbial in the clutches of addiction. Also you will be required to make this step.


Gambling Annonymous Meetings also help , especially in the rebuilding of lost by gambling relationships between people. A simple conversation can do a lot, because it is an essential tool to pursue therapy. I also believe that you should take a closer interest in how to function in the new reality in which there is no more gambling.This curiosity of the new world also allows you to leave addiction far behind.


Gambling is a terrible disease from which you never cure . You can only be as sober alcoholics and gamblers functioning normally.

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