Bob Brown Codes – Gambling Lottery Secrets ( video )

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The biggest and best kept secret in the history of world lotteries is undoubtedly the case of Bob Brown. In simple terms Bob Brown was an Australian man who has already taken some of the biggest lottery secrets to his grave in 1993 after a long battle with cancer. Not only this but Bob Brown was a millionaire, he made all of his money through the lottery after retiring from full time work. Not just with 1 lucky jackpot win however, but with several wins over time.

How did he do it? All that remains of Bob’s perfectly successful strategy he has placed in a code. In a show of mathematical and statistical understanding that a man as successful as Bob must have possessed . The code was made into two paintings he called “Lotto Abstract”. Lotto Abstract contained thousands of multi-coloured lettered squares.
It’s within these 4004 squares of the painting that mathematical wizard Bob

Brown hid the secret to picking lottery numbers that win cash prizes. Bob was always deeply interested with numbers and combinations, as such he could handle complex mathematical equations. Never finding a practical ability for his skills he turned his attention to the lottery in 1982 when a heart attack forced him to retire from his life as a truck driver.

For him his hours were spent many a day and night locked away in his room applying his mind to beating the almost immeasurable odds, number combinations and probabilities that the Australian lotto organisers created to keep as difficult to beat as possible. When Bob had finally developed his system and created Lotto Abstract to have permanent documentation of how to use it his life changed completely. (Watch the video below)

After consistently winning large sums of lottery cash he became a celebrity. He wrote many widely sold books giving away some great advice that the average player could follow to increase their win to loss ratio. To this day his paintings are in the possession of his son Brian Brown. Bob Brown had an understanding of how to win lots of lottery

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