Gambling – fun or addiction?

Arizona Daily Sun: link

A few days ago, I spent the morning with my dad and my uncle at a local casino. They like to try their luck once a week or so, enjoying the penny slots and discounted meals, and invited me to join in the fun. As a first-timer at this casino, I was given a card with $50 casino cash to use in the machines. My dad also gave me $20 to start my journey of wins and losses.

I put the crisp, new $20 bill into the oversized Sons of Anarchy machine and settled down into the high-backed pseudo-leather chair. I was ready to win, and win big. And I did, sort of. In just three pushes of the button (no more pulling the handle), I won just over $100. I printed out my cash-out ticket and walked away with my earnings. It was the quickest money I have ever made and I intended on keeping it.

Dad asked for the return of his $20 investment, to which I smiled and responded (using his line), “I’d rather owe it to you than cheat you out of it.” >> Read more

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