Being trapped by debt is not fun. Help to become debt free.

Being trapped by debt is a huge problem for you and family. In fact, it can be a downright nightmare. Dealing with banks, debt collectors, borrowing from one account to pay another, and avoiding those nasty phone calls and letters, is a constant daily struggle.

Even if you know how this happened. You never intended to accumulate so much debt. It just kind of snuck up on you, and before you knew it, you had debt everywhere, and now you’re wondering how you’ll ever be able to pay it all back.

Just the thought of it makes you feel sick. Worry keeps you awake at night, and you can’t seem to see any way out.

Just imagine what it would be like if you could finally be debt free. You’d then have money left over to be able to do the things you want to do but can’t afford to at the moment, because debt repayments are taking all of your money. How would that feel?
Of course, you could just keep on struggling and doing what you are doing now. Maybe you’ll get it sorted somehow. You could try to put into practice some of the debt management and debt consolidation ideas you’ve read about in all those money management books and see how that goes. You could also read some more budgeting books, or you could take the smart route, and learn from someone who has been there.

That someone is me. I know from first-hand experience what it’s like to be caught in a debt trap, and the freedom of finally breaking free from it. I have found his Kindle book couple of years ago and I thought it will be great to share it with you.  Here’s a little informations of what’s inside:

[i color=”green”]icon-ok [/i] How to get your budget into the black if your expenses are more than your income
[i color=”green”]icon-ok [/i] Being behind in your repayments and what to do about it.
[i color=”green”]icon-ok [/i] Debt reduction: which debts are most important to repay first
[i color=”green”]icon-ok [/i] Considering Bankruptcy as an option
[i color=”green”]icon-ok [/i] How to set up your accounts to improve your money management. Money control.
[i color=”green”]icon-ok [/i] How to make sure you will never be in debt again

Included free Budgeting Spreadsheet and Credit Card Repayment Calculator

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