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How to deal with Debt Collection Agency’s – Apex Debt Management Agency( part 2 )

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A few months ago I broke the repayment agreement between me and Natwest  – the arrangement was due to review and I simply forgot about it. When I realized this it was too late and my debt with Natwest has been “sold” to Apex Debt Management Agency. 

debt collectors

They contacted me and asked me all those questions about my circumstance, incomes etc..

I offered straight away to pay £50/month (same as my agreement with Natwest).

There is no interest charges or anything, just your clear debt.

When I asked about the discount, they offered me to pay £2400 instead of  £3700 if pay that in one go.

So far my experience with Apex is good.

How about yours??

Apex contact :

debt management company apex

Apex House
27 Arden Street
Stratford upon Avon
CV37 6NW

For administrative queries – call 0845 164 7513. For client queries – call 0845 164 7593.
For account queries or to speak to an adviser, please call 0845 849 8988

One Response to "How to deal with Debt Collection Agency’s – Apex Debt Management Agency( part 2 )"
  1. We do not recommend so-called payday loans because of their extremely high rates of interest, although they have their uses in the short term if the circumstances are suitable. Instead we recommend reducing your existing debt with an IVA or debt management plan, or with a lower interest rate debt consolidation loan. Only take out another loan if you really can afford the repayments. That way reducing the overall monthly payments makes sense. Don’t do it just for short term gains; that is a recipe for disaster. Remember Mr Micawber!

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