My New Year’s Resolution FAIL


It’s 2018 Day 2 and I broke New Year’s resolutions already.

I was planning to quit smoking.

I’m actually planning to quit smoking every year. I can stop smoking for a month or two, no problem, but this time I only managed to not to smoke for only ONE day!

So, I asked myself a question: “Why I can’t quit smoking?

The answer came faster than I expected. “I’m not mentally prepared” When I was quitting gambling I wanted to quit so badly, there was nothing that could stop me from doing it! I was angry at the entire gambling industry. I was so desperate to quit gambling that even if you would give me cash and put me in my favourite casino in front of my favourite slot machine I would still not place a single bet.


So, why I can’t do the same now? I realized that I will have to prep myself mentally and try again. The fact that I failed on the day 1 doesn’t mean that I can not try to do it again on the day 3. As long as I can quit smoking the start date shouldn’t make any difference. Right?

So, I’m giving myself another go! I will be taking my old friend with me this time – self-hypnosis audio. It helped me a lot while I was quitting gambling, so why not to give it a chance to help me quit smoking too?

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