Petition to improve self exclusion from bookmakers

Early this week I was approached by a gambler on Twitter asking me to sign a petition regarding self exclusion amongst bookmakers. Craig came up with a brilliant idea to help gamblers. Today I want to share with you his message, including his short story to help you understand the problem and the goal he wants to achieve.


Getting self excluded from casinos and bookies

I’m sure that self exclusion helped me quit gambling years ago and I strongly believe that this is one of the best ways for you to stop gambling. For those playing online self exclusion process is more straightforward and it can take just a few minutes. It is much harder when you play “real” and have 6-7 shops on the high street to choose from – without registration, you can just walk in and loose everything.
I’m happy to introduce Craig and his brilliant idea that can help to improve self exclusion from bookies :


Craig – ” I require 10,000 signatures to take it to parliament”

petition to improve self exclusion from bookmakers “Basically i was bet free for 5 months at the start of the year i had a slip, and started betting again. I know i could have used other shops, but I went into ladbrokes, a shop I was barred from and the staff still took my bets, so I came up with an idea that would help gamblers.
I think the current self exclusion system is a paper exercise, ladbrokes have game on card, coral have connect card. Why not have a universal card that would have gamblers details and photo on, and also whether they were self excluded. So if they tried to place a bet it would flash up on the system. I created this petition and have passed it to my local GA meeting. I require 10,000 signatures to take it to parliament, once barred online you cannot go back onto account why should you be allowed back into shops.
I feel this will help people in the long run. As the bookmakers are simply not helping as much as they could. Thanks ”


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When gambling online you can’t just take your winnings and walk away. Sometimes you have to wait several hours or days for your winnings to be processed and transferred to your bank account.
Here is what to do!
Contact your casino and inform them that you are addicted to gambling and request self exclusion. All the money will be transferred to your bank or any other money account straight away. So, not only you get self excluded, but also keep all your money.

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