Tackling the problem of gambling addiction.

For a large number of people and their families gambling can lead to serious problems. If you spend more time and money than you can afford then you can you might need some help.

If you are gambling online, adding blocking software can a great solution to your problem. There are several gambling blocking softwares and gamban® is one of them.

gamban® stops your Mac OS X or Windows computer from accessing all categories of online gambling sites, it tackles a problem that’s more prevalent now than ever before – gambling addiction.

In the UK this year alone, 9m people will gamble online… 500,000 will become ‘problem gamblers’ (Independent 2014). 500,000 gambling addicts sounds like ‘yet another statistic’, but to each and every problem gambler, there’s far-reaching consequences of broken families, depression and, in some cases, suicide. Of course gambling addiction isn’t limited to the UK.

Far from it.

It’s an epidemic in Australia and New Zealand; an ever-growing problem in Spain, Greece and Italy and becoming more and more prevalent in the US due to wavering regulations. For problem gamblers, willpower is often not enough – the determined addict will always find a way to gamble.

gamban® cannot possibly stop people 100% from gambling; it addresses the immediate accessibility of gambling on personal devices. The last thing problem gamblers need is for a computer or phone to be an ever-present electronic casino – and that’s where gamban® comes in.

Installing gambling blocking software will give you thinking time when you have urges and this is a great start, but you may find that you need additional support.


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