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how can I protect my children from gambling addiction

Imagine yourself that your child falls into the clutches of gambling, what do you do? If you are a parent, who knows what is gambling about and what it can lead to, you probably asked yourself a question – How can I protect my child from gambling? I have, but still haven’t found the answer…(Read More)

gambling money

Is Gambling only about Money ?!

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I don’t think that money can make me any happier. I drive a old crappy car – reg. 1999 , My standard of life is average , I wish it was a little bit better but I’m happy with what I have . Generally is all good and the closer to the end of this gambling…(Read More)

Betting shops let underage punters in without IDs

The Sun says We sent schoolkids of 16 & 17 to 12 bookies to try to play ‘gambling crack’ fruit machines…six betting shops let them in without checking IDs even though legal age is 18     SCHOOL kids as young as 16 are gambling illegally in high street bookies, a Sun investigation has revealed.  …(Read More)