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dealing with gambling debt

Phone calls from debt collectors can be stressful and depressing, especially if you’re receiving calls from more than one company. Most creditors will prefer to call you as it’s easier for them to put pressure on you to make a payment this way. Dealing with phone calls from debt collectors Should I ever…(Read More)

How to recover from gambling? Control your regular expenses Debt consolidation loans About debt write off Bankruptcy explained Make money – from home  Gambling has led me to lose all my savings and put me into large debts. I was broke for over 5 years. Would it be easier to stop if gambling didn’t affect…(Read More)

Just received a txt message from Wescot ( with reference and contact number ) saying that I need to contact them urgently, so I did. I was told that I have another missed payment of £30 and they asked me if I wish to make a payment. £130 left to pay, so I asked them…(Read More)