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gambling debt problem

As a teenager, former Premier League footballer John Hartson spent his pocket money on slot machines – but when his career took off, he developed a serious gambling addiction that saddled him with huge debts and nearly cost him his second marriage. Now an ambassador for personal insolvency practice Creditfix, John is helping others to…(Read More)

help to become debt free

Being trapped by debt is a huge problem for you and family. In fact, it can be a downright nightmare. Dealing with banks, debt collectors, borrowing from one account to pay another, and avoiding those nasty phone calls and letters, is a constant daily struggle. Even if you know how this happened. You never intended…(Read More)

Just received a txt message from Wescot ( with reference and contact number ) saying that I need to contact them urgently, so I did. I was told that I have another missed payment of £30 and they asked me if I wish to make a payment. £130 left to pay, so I asked them…(Read More)