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How I quit gambling and started recovery

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As some of you already know I started my gambling recovery exactly 7 years ago! In this article, I’m going to show you the beginning of my recovery and what made me stop gambling. Why I decided to stop gambling Well, we all dream of stopping gambling, but we’re waiting for the lucky…(Read More)

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Have you ever thought of suicide?

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Even though you’re in a lot of pain right now, give yourself some distance between thoughts and action. Make a promise to yourself: “I will wait 24 hours and won’t do anything drastic during that time.” Or, wait a week. Hello everyone, I will not elaborate how much I lost and how old…(Read More)

Snooker player Jimmy White - 10 biggest gambling losses

Top 10 Biggest Gambling Losses Ever

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[tps_header] A top ten countdown of the biggest gambling losses ever, including a fraudster, a professional sportsman who gambled millions on Blackjack and Horses, and a casino Baccarat player who made the fastest loss in history. [/tps_header] Corrupt former media tycoon Robert Maxwell made one of the fastest gambling losses in history losing £1.5…(Read More)

stop gambling - self exclusion

Early this week I was approached by a gambler on Twitter asking me to sign a petition regarding self exclusion amongst bookmakers. Craig came up with a brilliant idea to help gamblers. Today I want to share with you his message, including his short story to help you understand the problem and the goal he…(Read More)