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help to become debt free

Being trapped by debt is a huge problem for you and family. In fact, it can be a downright nightmare. Dealing with banks, debt collectors, borrowing from one account to pay another, and avoiding those nasty phone calls and letters, is a constant daily struggle. Even if you know how this happened. You never intended…(Read More)

Just received a txt message from Wescot ( with reference and contact number ) saying that I need to contact them urgently, so I did. I was told that I have another missed payment of £30 and they asked me if I wish to make a payment. £130 left to pay, so I asked them…(Read More)

gambling money

Is Gambling only about Money ?!

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I don’t think that money can make me any happier. I drive a old crappy car – reg. 1999 , My standard of life is average , I wish it was a little bit better but I’m happy with what I have . Generally is all good and the closer to the end of this gambling…(Read More)