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can i quit gambling online

Old man losing everything he had. Video

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A guy who recorded this video was in the bookmakers when he saw this old man losing everything he had. He was £10,000 in the hole and was chasing his own tale – the guy says. “After losing everything he picked up his chair and smashed the machine. Not once did the workers ask if…(Read More)

Snooker player Jimmy White - 10 biggest gambling losses

Top 10 Biggest Gambling Losses Ever

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[tps_header] A top ten countdown of the biggest gambling losses ever, including a fraudster, a professional sportsman who gambled millions on Blackjack and Horses, and a casino Baccarat player who made the fastest loss in history. [/tps_header] Corrupt former media tycoon Robert Maxwell made one of the fastest gambling losses in history losing £1.5…(Read More)

Betting shops let underage punters in without IDs

The Sun says We sent schoolkids of 16 & 17 to 12 bookies to try to play ‘gambling crack’ fruit machines…six betting shops let them in without checking IDs even though legal age is 18     SCHOOL kids as young as 16 are gambling illegally in high street bookies, a Sun investigation has revealed.  …(Read More)