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why I have been gambling

My New Year’s Resolution FAIL

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Hey, It’s 2018 Day 2 and I broke New Year’s resolutions already. I was planning to quit smoking. I’m actually planning to quit smoking every year. I can stop smoking for a month or two, no problem, but this time I only managed to not to smoke for only ONE day! So…(Read More)

hypnotherapy for gamblers

Many with a gambling addiction would do almost anything to be rid of it. People have tried all kinds of things to free themselves from addiction – from chemical therapies to acupuncture. The success of any therapy, however, depends greatly on the circumstances and mindset of the individual in question. It is perhaps no surprise,…(Read More)

can i quit gambling online

Can I quit gambling on my own?

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That’s a great question, but how do we know how to stop gambling and if that’s even possible. When is the best time to quit gambling? It’s yesterday. You shouldn’t be giving yourself a reason to gamble again. That Big Win will never come, so there is no point telling yourself…(Read More)