Twitter vs Gambling Commission

My thoughts on the UK’s Gambling Commission

Today I decided to learn a little bit more about the Gambling Commision. Here is what I found:

According to Wikipedia: The Gambling Commission is an executive non-departmental public body of the Government of the United Kingdom responsible for regulating gambling and supervising gaming law in Great Britain (its jurisdiction does not extend to Northern Ireland.) On 1 October 2013 it assumed responsibility for regulating the National Lottery.

Someone actually cares about people with a gambling problem. Right?

That’s a great news.

As it turned out this wasn’t the only great news for Today!

I received a notification from Twitter saying that Gambling Commision has sent a tweet:
“Did you know…? This year we were the first regulator to prosecute an illegal gambling website targeting children”

So, it looks like the Gambling Commission not only protects us – gamblers, but they also protect our children!

But, one of the Twitter users clearly doesn’t agree with this statement. Loaded Dice (@loadeddice11) is accusing Gambling Commission of allowing category D fruit machines in arcades, chip shops, cafes, service stations, fairgrounds and leisure centres.

Loaded Dice (@loadeddice11) makes a fair point, so I decided to take a closer look and see if my 9 years old kid is really protected by the Gambling Commission.

Truth Time

The school was closed today due to “bad weather”(read: winter), so I took my son with me for a quick shopping.

We got in the car. Turned the radio on – What’s on the radio? – Casino Advert
We walk into Tesco as he was thirsty. While paying for his drink he faced a huge display of Scratch Cards and a National Lottery Ad.
As he was off from school we decided to go for a quick game of bowling. First thing I noticed when you walk into that place, there was 4 slot machines standing right by the main entrance. Kids Friendly place in case you wanted to ask.

Unfortunately, this is only a small piece of gambling advertising comparing to what our kids are facing on a daily basis in the World Wide Web (read: Internet).

I’ve been recently reading a lot about Neuro-Marketing, I learned the unconscious reasons for people’s actions, how people’s emotions affect their decisions and how websites encourage users to take action on their website. This helped me understand my decisions from the past and I know that advertisement have a huge impact on all of us, especially our kids.

Gambling Marketing & Advertising Rules

I decided to check if UK’s Gambling Commision does everything they can to protect our children and here is another information you might find very interesting.

UK’s Gambling Commission Advertising Rules

The advertising of gambling products and services should be undertaken in a socially responsible manner and you should comply with the UK Advertising Codes issued by the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) and administered by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

The amount that British gamblers lose on FOBTs has increased by 73% since 2009, from £1bn to £1.8bn, despite the number of machines rising by just 9%!

Let’s compare UK’s Gambling Commission Advertising Rules to the other European country where their Gambling Commission is actually doing their job.

Poland’s Gambling Commission Advertising Rules

In general, public advertising of most gambling games is restricted in Poland. The definition of advertising is very broad, as it even covers public displays of symbols that resemble gambling games, such as a roulette wheel. In addition, public promotion of gambling games, understood as making public presentations of games, handing over chips or gambling tickets, etc., is also prohibited. These restrictions apply to all casino games, card games and slot machines.

The number of gambling addicts in those 2 countries is incomparable, so there is still a lot that can be done to protect our children from gambling.

The UK’s Gambling Commission is proud of their achievements, but people are clearly not happy and they often speak out.

Huge Thanks to Adam Evans( @Casino_Gaffer) and Loaded Dice ( @Loadeddice11 ) for keeping the Gambling Commission on their toes.

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